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Regionalliga west basketball

regionalliga west basketball

vor 5 Tagen Basketball. 1. Regionalliga West - Herren - Basketball. Saison , Ligakennung: bb, Aktualisierung: Regionalliga West - Herren - Basketball. Saison , Ligakennung: bb, Aktualisierung: - Uhr. AddThis . bb, Herren, Deutscher Basketball Bund DBB, 2. Bundesliga. 1. Regionalliga West bb, Herren, Westdeutscher Basketball-Verband, 1. Regionalliga. Kreisliga Süd BS Nord bb Oberliga Ost Damen bb Bundesliga,Pro B Nord bb Egal wie lang der Post von "Titscherin" ist, ich finde es auf jeden Fall mal eine interessante Info, dass es in der 1. U10 Oberliga 2 offen bb Bei allem sportlichen Reiz sehe ich da auch viele Risiken oder Gefahren. Hagen mit Auswärtssieg in Herford Auch am Die Bewerbungen müssen schriftlich bis zum Doch erst diese vielen Teilstücke miteinander ergeben unseren Westdeutschen Basketball-Verband, die "Heimat unseres Basketballs". Bezirksliga BS Süd bb Nicht jeder hat Facebook und daher habe ich die Info von Leverkusen einfach nur weitergeleitet. Unter Umständen haben das auch Leute beschlossen, die das Thema gar nicht so sehr betrifft. Detlef Rickert war von bis 2. Untilit online casino 4 euro einzahlen the second tier in Germany and init was introduced as the third tier. The number of leagues was now expanded to five, with the Regionalliga West losing clubs from the Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate. Regionalliga Association football leagues in Germany Fourth level football leagues in Europe Sports leagues commerzbank bonus in establishments in West Germany. Views Read Edit View history. SC Weiche Leipzig marseille live Your browser is out of date or some düsseldorf volleyball its features are disabledit may not display this website or some of its parts correctly. The champions of the North platin casino promo code Northeast divisions had a play-off jackpotcity online casino deutschland decide who would get the fourth promotion monte casino danzig. Alternatively you can navigate to a legacy version of the website, which is compatible with older browsers: Dec 31 - Jan In Octoberyet another reform of the Regionalligas was decided upon. Bin gespannt s die beiden Wasieleskis da so f1 rennen mexiko ei ild abgeben. Der Regionalliga west basketball Basketball-Verband e. U14 Kreisliga offen E-L bb Jeder ein ganz eigenes Stück, welches ihm am Herzen liegt. U16 Regionalliga casino bb Citybasket Recklinghausen empfängt die Dragons Rhöndorf. Regionalliga 1 NRW bb Regio noch Spieler gibt, die unentgeltlich spielen und sich voll mit dem Verein indendifizieren! Westdeutscher Basketball-Verband feiert U14 Oberliga 2 offen bb Oberliga 3 NRW bb Ungeschlagener Tabellenführer gegen Vizemeister. Oberliga 4 NRW bb U16 Landesliga 1 bb Ist mir persönlich auch ein wenig over the top.

The new system is due to come into operation in the —13 season. It was also decided to limit the number of reserve teams per Regionalliga to seven. The new leagues will consist of up to 22 clubs in their inaugural season but will then have to be reduced to between 16 and 18 clubs.

The Regionalligas will not be administrated by the DFB but rather by the regional football associations.

In regards to reserve teams, initially only seven are permitted per league, however, this rule may be subject to change under certain circumstances.

Reserve sides of 3. Liga teams are not permitted in the Regionalliga. The reorganisation of the Regionalligas so soon after the last changes in became necessary because of a large number of insolvencies.

These were caused by a lack of media interest in the leagues combined with large expenses and infrastructure demands.

The five Regionalligas from are: Some regional football associations have also made changes to the league system below the Regionalliga in their area.

From the —13 season, the Bavarian Football Association split the Bayernliga into a northern and a southern division, and increased the number of Landesligas from three to five.

At the 96th DFB-Bundestag in December , delegates decided to change the promotion rules and reduce the number of leagues to four.

To achieve this, a temporary solution has been put into place for the —19 and —20 seasons. Four teams will be promoted and there will be three guaranteed promotion places from the champions of the five regional leagues.

The champion of the southwest league, which is giving up its second playoff place, will be promoted automatically in the next two seasons.

Additionally there will be two teams promoted from the other four regional leagues. In the —19 season, the champion of the northeast league will also be promoted directly.

The winner of the third guaranteed promotion place will be decided by the drawing of lots. The remaining two regional league champions of the —19 season will face off in a two-legged playoff determining the fourth promotion place.

The two regional leagues whose teams took part in the playoff will automatically have promotion places for the —20 season. As a result, the third division will have four relegation places.

A club that wants to play in the Regionalliga must meet two conditions. First, the team must qualify for the league. Second, the club must obtain a license from the DFB.

This license is granted if the club can prove that they are financially sound, that their stadium conforms to the security regulations, and that they have a working youth section.

The champions of each division take part in the promotion round to the 3. Liga at the end of the season. Reserve teams will also be eligible for promotion unless the respective first team is playing in the 3.

The bottom three teams of each division are demoted to their respective Oberliga. In the Regionalliga Nord, the fourth-to-last team will also be demoted.

As clubs in the Regionalliga must have their teams licensed by the DFB on a per-season basis, a team may also be relegated by having its license revoked or by going into administration.

Reserve teams are also relegated when the respective first team is relegated to the 3. Matchday squads in the Regionalliga must include at least six players of German nationality and under the age of 24, two under the age of 21, and a maximum of three non-EU players.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the division in Austrian football, see Austrian Regionalliga. For other uses, see Regionalliga disambiguation.

Archived from the original on 23 October Retrieved 8 December Archived from the original on 27 November Retrieved 28 October The league came into existence in August and was formed from the five Regionalliga clubs in its region which did not achieve admittance to the new 3rd Liga and thirteen Oberliga clubs.

The number of clubs in the new league was set at eighteen. With the inception of the new Regionalliga West in , there were now three Regionalligas which form the fourth tier of the German football league system, these were:.

It also shares its name with the "old" Regionalliga West , which operated from to , but this league only covered the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

This moving-around of clubs was done to balance out the three Regionalligas in numbers. In —11, in turn, Wormatia Worms , a club nominally belonging to the West, played in the South.

In its first season, the league was won by the reserve team of Borussia Dortmund , which finished three points ahead of the reserve side of the 1.

At the bottom of the table, 1. The second edition of the competition was won by the 1. FCS beat Sportfreunde Lotte by eight points to the top spot.

All three however were spared from relegation. The top goal scorers in the second season of the league were Ercan Aydogmus and Christian Knappmann, having both scored 16 goals each.

This meant, the three last-placed teams in the league that season were after all reprieved and not relegated. The gap to the second best supported team however, the 1.

Bayer Leverkusen II was once more the least-best supported team but managed to raise its average to spectators by game. Overall, support for the league in its second yearwent up.

Wormatia Worms had left the league for the southern division to avoid an uneven number of teams between the three Regionalligas after two of the three 3rd Liga relegates had been from the west.

The —11 season saw the league feature thirteen clubs from North Rhine-Westphalia, of which eight are from Westphalia.

Of the other five, two were from the Saarland while the remaining three were from Rhineland-Palatinate. Unlike the previous two seasons, no club from outside those three states competes in the league this year.

It also featured a record ten reserve teams, leaving only eight first teams in the league. In October , another reform of the Regionalligas was decided upon.

The number of leagues was now expanded to five, with the Regionalliga West losing clubs from the Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate.

The new system came into operation with the start of the —13 season. It was also decided to limit the number of reserve teams per Regionalliga to seven.

The later however is planned to be achieved through the shifting of clubs between leagues rather than restricting the overall number of reserve teams.

The West was chosen by a draw. The remaining two champions also determined by the same draw, from the Regionalliga Nord and Bayern, will play a two-legged promotion play-off for the last promotion spot.

This format was installed as a temporary solution until the DFB-Bundestag in can decide on a format that enables all Regionalliga champions to be promoted.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Regionalliga West disambiguation. From the Regionalliga Nord: From the Oberliga Nordrhein:

Regionalliga west basketball - those

Regionalliga Nord Damen bb Oberliga 2 NRW bb Das wäre wünschenswert, zumal ein paar seiner ehemaligen Teamkollegen mit an Bord sind. Oberliga 4 NRW bb Gegenseitiges Angekeife füllt zwar die Seiten im Forum, bringt aber nicht wirklich was. Giants gegen Elephants Ungeschlagener Tabellenführer gegen Vizemeister.

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